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Boss Girls
Written on 24.12.2023 at 13:10 by Boss Girls

Merry Christmas from the BossGirls!


Today we're giving YOU a present and have put a movie-length clip of mine, Lady Nora, in the store!

You can expect a clip like never before, a full 1 hour and 21 minutes!

In it, Lady Nora gives her slave tasks in which he has to prove himself to her. She is strict and the slave is put to the test in many different ways. With strong will, he endures every humiliation and every pain for his mistress!

Find out more about this clip and watch it now at!

Lady Nora - This is how I shape my foot slave! THE FULL CLIP!


Boss Girls
Written on 19.12.2023 at 06:50 by Boss Girls

Mistress Anfisa is parting with her beloved, well-worn overknee boots.


Would you like to buy them?


Then get in touch quickly and tell us how much you are willing to pay for her sexy boots!

Mistress Anfisa will decide whether or not you get them!

Boss Girls
Written on 15.12.2023 at 10:00 by Boss Girls

The following will happen in December's clips from Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane:


1) After Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna give the slave their spit, he's definitely not thirsty anymore!

2) Two sexy nylon asses to worship! But you may only jerk off strictly according to the rules!

3) They sit on the slave's face with their sweaty sports leggings and take his breath away!

4) Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane use their spit as boot polish for a very special shine!

5) Balloon faces burst under the girlfriends' jeans asses and don't stand a chance against them!

6) Endurance training is just the thing for the riding mistress' shopping pony!


Look forward to a December full of hot femdom clips!

Boss Girls
Written on 03.12.2023 at 08:30 by Boss Girls

The final shoot of the year is approaching and gives you one last opportunity to get the clips of your desires from us BossGirls in 2023!


For a long time, desired clips featuring Mistress Anfisa were not possible, but now you have the chance!


Request for a custom clip from Mistress Anfisa and Lady Nora according to your ideas!


Send a message directly to Lady Nora, or by email, and answer the following questions:

- What do you want to happen in your clip?

- What is particularly important to you?

- How long is the duration of the clip?

- Do you want a store clip or an exclusive clip all for yourself?


We look forward to your receiving your requests by December 6th!

Boss Girls
Written on 04.11.2023 at 08:52 by Boss Girls

You like Mistress Zora's dominant clips?


Then look forward to the month ahead!


Mistress Zora makes you swallow her spit and whips a slave with his own belt.

You worship her sexy nylon ass and in another clip you smell her adorable feet.


Those are good views, aren't they...?