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The clip of your desires with Mistress Anfisa and Lady Nora

Written on 03.12.2023 at 08:30 by Boss Girls

The final shoot of the year is approaching and gives you one last opportunity to get the clips of your desires from us BossGirls in 2023!


For a long time, desired clips featuring Mistress Anfisa were not possible, but now you have the chance!


Request for a custom clip from Mistress Anfisa and Lady Nora according to your ideas!


Send a message directly to Lady Nora, or by email, and answer the following questions:

- What do you want to happen in your clip?

- What is particularly important to you?

- How long is the duration of the clip?

- Do you want a store clip or an exclusive clip all for yourself?


We look forward to your receiving your requests by December 6th!