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Lady Nora - This is how I shape my foot slave!
Lady Nora - This is how I shape my foot slave!

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Parts 1 to 11 - full clip! A clip that shows my handling of the slave! I take what I want and give my slave that whch makes him addicted, mamely the intense scent of my sweaty feet that has permeated my socks! In return, I do what I want with him. I control his chastity, because touching, let alone sex, is strictly forbidden. I use him as a seat cushion for my ass and enslave him for life! I inflict pain on him and take away his oxygen. All because it gives me so much pleasure to see him suffer for me! As my foot servant, he is assigned suitable tasks by me, which he must complete to my satisfaction under my supervision. This is how I educate and shape my slave so that he will serve me forever!