Boss Girls
Boss Girls
Written on 03.10.2023 at 07:45 by Boss Girls

No way beginning of fall!

This month is going to be very hot again!

Among other things, Kim Judge ensures that in October!

Boss Girls
Written on 13.09.2023 at 19:01 by Boss Girls

I want to know, what do you like most about our clips?


Do you live out your fantasies or are these clips you watch a little

intimate secret in your life?


I am so curious and want to be inspired by your thoughts for new clips....


Message me and tell me what you are into, what you have experienced or

what you want to experience! I want to know everything!


Message me now - I DARE YOU!


Boss Girls
Written on 31.08.2023 at 19:20 by Boss Girls

I love being in front of the camera with the other BossGirls!


See for yourself how mean we can be in double dominance!


Clips will be released in September in which...

- Kim Judge and I let a slave taste the dirt from the soles of our shoes

- Lady Luciana and I sit on the faces of two slaves and the two compete against each other in a breathlessness contest

- Queen Hanna and I let you taste lots of our sweet spit

- Mistress Anfisa and I make you lick the dirt off our soles, and

- Princess Serena and I will sit our jeans asses down in the middle of your face


Look forward to our double domination clips!


Boss Girls
Written on 27.08.2023 at 09:32 by Boss Girls

Cashing in for the BossGirls! 


You did a good job ;)


Boss Girls
Written on 25.08.2023 at 18:51 by Boss Girls

Last weekend again hot clips were shot with Mistress Roxana and her slave girl. 


An absolutely successful shooting day!


Pain and breath reduction were only a part of what the slave girl had to suffer!


Are you looking forward to the new clips?