Boss Girls
Boss Girls
Written on 18.08.2023 at 19:18 by Boss Girls

As to be expected, the shoot went very painfully for the slave last weekend!


Mistress Jane kicked him hard several times in his unprotected balls, so that he was writhing in pain on the floor.


I wouldn't be me if I didn't this chance to kick him there again... :D :D


We think he still likes us though ;)


Boss Girls
Written on 11.08.2023 at 18:31 by Boss Girls

Next week it's finally that time again - Mistress Roxana brings her personal slave

to the BossGirls Studio to torture her in front of the camera!


I'm curious to see what ideas she will come up with this time so I can shoot great

new BossGirls clips of the two of them.


Maybe Mistress Roxana will let me use her slave for a few clips or perhaps we can

we take care of her together? That would be fun!


Would you like a wish clip? Then send a message and tell us what you wish for!


Boss Girls
Written on 07.08.2023 at 07:00 by Boss Girls

In the coming week Mistress Jane will visit me again in the BossGirls studio.


We plan to shoot many new videos, thrilling POV clips and clips with our new ballbusting victim. 


He will definitely go home with swollen balls again when we are done with him! :D


You still have the possibility to have us shoot a personal clip of your choice, according to your imagination, to be filmed by us. Hurry and send us a message as you have only until 10th August to do so!


Lady Nora.


Boss Girls
Written on 05.08.2023 at 15:50 by Boss Girls

A total of seven clips will be released by Mistress Zora in August, the first of which is already online!


These are clips in which she is mean to her slaves, degrades and humiliates them. She also puts you under her spell and makes you her puppet.


Watch all Mistress Zora's clips and become her personal slave too!


Boss Girls
Written on 17.05.2023 at 22:38 by Boss Girls

This month is not over yet and still brings hot clips of mistress Anfisa.


"Damp, sticky and extremely stinky!" released today and those are still to come:


Nylon ass worship

Spit shot for YOU!

Lick, spit and suck heel