Boss Girls
Boss Girls
Written on 05.02.2023 at 09:20 by Boss Girls

In the middle of February it will be that time again. Princess Serena

visits the BossGirls Studio and YOU have the chance to get an

individual wish clip from he. 


Take your chance and write a post with your clip idea!

Boss Girls
Written on 03.02.2023 at 18:43 by Boss Girls

Clip 1: Mistress Anfisa gives water to her slave dog, but differently than he thinks...

Clip 2: Money transfer from you to Mistress Anfisa. Will you disappoint her again?

Clip 3: Mistress Anfisa plays with his fear and takes his breath away!

Clip 4: Mistress Anfisa explains the rules of the game to you over a relaxing cigarette: non-wanker instructions for YOU!

Boss Girls
Written on 28.01.2023 at 09:21 by Boss Girls

Are you a sniffer with a passion for stinky socks?!


Then you've come to the right place, because I'm known to wear the most intense sock scent of all the BossGirls.


You want to buy some stinky cheese socks from me? Then message me!


Lady Nora.

Boss Girls
Written on 21.01.2023 at 09:12 by Boss Girls

This year, the Boss Girls are looking for new ponies for our slave stable!


Are you a rideable or bucking horsey looking for proper equestrian training? You could get it here!


Send your application to Tell us why you are the perfect pony for us and include 2 or 3 pictures of yourself.


It doesn't matter how well broken in you are, whether you have experience in front of the camera or not. We will take proper care of you and train you to advance your personal progress!

Boss Girls
Written on 16.01.2023 at 19:05 by Boss Girls

The new year has barely begun and the first impact tools have already been smashed.


I wonder how that happened... You can guess! ;)