Boss Girls
Boss Girls
Written on 08.02.2022 at 19:05 by Boss Girls

Lady Nora - That's me! 

For 8 years I have been the lady behind the camera. First for Staria Fetish and today for Boss Girls!

I pull the strings and and make all the decisions related to clip production in the Boss Girls universe. If you send a message, you're sending it to me! Together with my Boss Girls mistresses I produce fetish clips with and without slaves, whom we let suffer in the BossGirls studio.

Do you want to become one of our suffering slaves?

Show that you dare and send me an application with your preferences and taboos. Don't forget, every mistress is happy to a receive a tribute, so keep that in mind when you send your application.

Boss Girls
Written on 05.02.2022 at 10:51 by Boss Girls

There will be a new shoot with the cheeky Bratty Jenny-Nina soon!


In addition to our many clip ideas, YOU can also submit your individual clip ideas too because we produce fetish clips on request!

Would you like to have a clip with Bratty Jenny-Nina? Then send us a message with the following information about your custom clip:

- Solo (POV) or with slave (DOM)

- Props (there may be extra costs)

- Clothing (there may be extra costs)

- Camera perspective

- Clip length

- Clip content (Keep it to a maximum of 8 key points!)

- Highlight what is especially important to you in the clip



Boss Girls
Written on 30.01.2022 at 09:00 by Boss Girls

Princess Serena is back with the Boss Girls and is regularly in front of the camera.

In February, hot clips of the princess will be released again in which she takes slaves' breath away with her ass and lets them inhale her
intense foot stench. Is your anticipation for Princess Serena's new clips as high?

Thank her for her return and pay a tribute as a sign of your appreciation!

Here is a little preview of the next month:

Boss Girls
Written on 16.12.2019 at 17:34 by Boss Girls

After a short break Lady Sue is back in the Team Boss Girls! You finally want to see your custom clip with this dominant dream lady? Write us! At January 03, 2020 is the day for new videos and photos with Lady Sue!

Boss Girls
Written on 28.11.2019 at 11:33 by Boss Girls

The next session with Lady Zora will take place on 06 December.

You would like to have custom POV videos or custom POV photos of this lady e.g. personal foot videos?

Write us a message now for free!