Boss Girls
Two jeans mistresses sitting on his face
Two jeans mistresses sitting on his face

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These two ladies are today putting their new jeans to the test on a slave's face. Whether he wants it or not, he's the test subject for these dominant girls. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane have tied down the loser - not that he wants to run away, of course! Mistress Jane stands over him then sits down on his face in her tight jeans. That's so comfortable! So perfect for her denim-clad ass. Meanwhile, Queen Hanna sits herself down on his stomach. It could hardly be more painful for the slave, having to endure all that weight on his body and not being able to breathe! He his at the Mistresses' mercy, enduring the hard fabric against his face. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane love that he's in agony and just can't get enough. It's bad luck for the loser, fun for the ladies!