Lady Bunt
The cheesy feet are licked clean!
The cheesy feet are licked clean!

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All slaves of Mistress Anfisa are her personal 24/7 servants and must therefore always be busy. But this slave is just lying around lazily and urgently needs a job! Mistress Anfisa presses her boot over his mouth and orders the slave to kiss it devotedly. He always has to show gratitude for being allowed to serve Mistress Anfisa, even if only for her amusement, just like now! She takes off her boots and presses her naked and terribly stinking foot directly into the slave's mouth. She enjoys seeing how the slave takes in the taste of her cheesy feet and tries to pretend that he doesn't mind. She knows exactly how disgusting he finds the taste. No matter, the feet are to be licked clean and the slave well-behaved!