Boss Girls
Spat into the mouth by 2 mistresses!
Spat into the mouth by 2 mistresses!

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He now eats our spit! Mistress Anfisa and I, Lady Nora, stand over the slave lying on the floor. We take it in turns to spit in his mouth from above and he swallows everything! This game of using his mouth as a target is so much fun for us! Unfortunately for him, we don't always hit his mouth and spit all over his face. Our spit runs from his cheek to his ear. Actually, we only wanted to spit into his slave mouth, but quickly realized how humiliating it is for the slave to lie in front of us with his face covered in spit. So we continue to spit on him and he have to lick our soles clean. The slave was already ugly before, but with all the spit in his face this has become even more obvious!