Boss Girls
Slave pony has to inhale the sweat scent
Slave pony has to inhale the sweat scent

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She pulls the slave pony to his feet and chases it around faster and faster. Goddess Liana doesn't want a lame horse and demands everything from her slave pony. She mounts the pony and drives it round in a circle. That's even better! The horse is already blowing and gasping under her ass, but that doesn't interest goddess Liana at all! She wants to go on and on and pushes her pony! Then she remembers how to get her pony going. She pushes him down on the ground, because now he has to inhale the smell of her sports shoes. The human pony immediately does everything his strict riding mistress demands of him, because he now knows the consequences and has enormous respect for Goddess Liana. Shoes off and nose in! That's exactly what goddess Liana wants to see from him now, then she rides a few laps on his back again afterwards. He gets the sneakers hung around his neck so that he can't get the smell of his mistress out of his nose. Follow the sweat scent and run, pony!