Boss Girls
More spit than ever!
More spit than ever!

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WHOA! You've never seen anything as bizarre as this! Lady Amy and Mistress Zora have taken a slave to cover in their spit. Lady Amy kneels on him and lets her saliva run into his mouth. It seems like she has an endless amount of spit. She just never stops salivating! It just runs and runs. The slave fights against his disgust and, as a well-behaved slave, swallows everything. he can be sure he won't die of thirst with these two Mistresses! Now Mistreess Zora takes over and deposits a tidy amount of spit into his mouth. He must swallow everything and woe betide him if he doesn't! The Mistresses now spit together on the slave. Sometimes their slaiva meets, sometimes it doesn't. Such a hot mess! He's certainly never had so much spit to drink. Could YOU swallow all that?