Boss Girls
Foot sniffing bullying EXTREME
Foot sniffing bullying EXTREME

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You're an unfortunate victim of bullying at work and your co-worker only adds to it. She calls Princess Serena and asks her to help destroy your relationship. It's a wonder how you got into one at all. Princess Serena likes the idea right away and starts conditioning you to smell sweaty stinky feet. You get addicted to the smell of disgusting smelling sweaty feet and beg your partner to never wash her feet for you again. Princess Serena makes your girlfriend disgusted with you and finally break up with you because you've become such a disgusting, gross foot sniffer! Princess Serena clears you of all other preferences for asses, tits and pussies and instead plants an enormous foot fetish in your brain! You've already got rid of your old lady and at work the information about your "new self" spreads like wildfire and provides even more fuel for the fire!